About Us

Pal Group (U) Ltd is a 10-year-old entity, which was established by the Companies Act (Cap.110) of 2008. Our business model is built with a view to last for many more years in the future. We mind what our customers desire today and are able to advise on the expectations of other clients in the future.

We have built networks with many other agents and brokers across the suburbs of Kampala and other towns nearby which means each and every agent is an established and independent professional in their neighborhood, making us uniquely positioned to offer you, our clients a more in-depth and insightful service.

Locally, we come together as one to share our properties and clients, ensuring no opportunity is ever missed. We practice an open-door business policy meaning we are approachable and understanding of each and every customers business need. Our services to Uganda’s real estate industry are highlighted with a number of successful projects we have implemented in the country in the last ten years. Our clients consists of prominent entities in every segment of the Ugandan industry. Our customers base includes the following: banks, NGOs, government organisations and individuals

Vision, Mission, Core values.

Pal group (u) real estate ltd is a company limited by shares registered under the companies act. The company’s mandate is to increase the real estate stock in the country, rehabilitate real estate industry and encourage Ugandans to own homes in an organized environment.

Our vision: “to transform people’s lives and communities by providing affordable and well-built real estate.”

Our mission: “to create the reality of home ownership in well planned permanent built environments.”

Our core values: we shall strive to ensure quality in everything through the following values;
1. Customer satisfaction: we shall place a premium on the customer’s voice.
2. Integrity: in our processes, systems and practices working with fairness and transparency.
3. Teamwork and passion: working as one with energy and love.
4. People excellence: exceptional people practices and professionalism
5. Environmental sustainability: promoting environmentally sound practices.

Our objectives:
1. To deliver an affordable real estate product for the low, middle, and high income brackets.
2. To increase the return on assets/capital
3. To develop and sustain productive stakeholder relationship and proactively influence housing policies.
4. Develop and support policies that enhance competitive housing professionalism.
5. To proactively review systems, processes and procedures to foster competitiveness in the market place.

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